Loan Services

60 Day Loans,  Fast, Friendly and Convenient

State Street Jewelry & Loan understands that anyone can suffer from cash flow issues, and we are here to help. The process of obtaining a short-term pawn loan is fast and easy. All transactions are conducted professionally by our trained staff members.
The loan amount will be based upon the loan officer’s determination of the value of your collateral, and we have the ability to make collateral loans ranging from a simple $20 loan to $100,000 or more.
Once the pawn loan amount is mutually agreed upon, a loan contract will be prepared for your signature, in accordance with Oregon state law. After you sign and accept the loan contract, you will be given all funds on the spot, 
No upfront costs or hidden fees. 
All pawns are held as collateral in our secured vaults on the premises to be redeemed at a later date. 

Some of the Items we accept for pawn

Diamonds and Gold
Electronics, Tv's, Laptop Computers and Tables
Digital SLR Cammeras
​Musical Instraments 

Video Game Systems


High end watches

Antiques and Collectables
​Rare Coins


We buy Scrap Gold for CASH!

Cash on the Spot for your Gold, Silver and Diamonds

Gold And Silver Bullion

From 1oz to 1000's, with our direct refinery relationship program we can offer

complete bullion services for your investment needs.


Buyers of Fine Watches

we are actively seeking fine wrist and pocket watches

Rolex, Bell & Ross, Breitling, Cartier, Chopard, Patek,
Omega and More. 

We are active members of the NAWCC 0178629